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Air 65 Bluetooth & Wifi Negro

Bookshelf Bluetooth speaker


Just better

The AIR 65 system is much more than a pair of amplified speakers, this is a real High Fidelity system for demanding audiophiles.
Equipped with a phono input, two digital inputs (optical and coaxial), two auxiliary inputs and a subwoofer output, the AIR 65 system shines with its versatility and allows the connection of a turntable, a flat screen or any other analog or digital auxiliary.
Digital processing is provided by a Wolfson converter renowned for its musicality.

Nothing has been left to chance either in terms of amplification or speakers.
The amplifier delivers a power of 2x55W with instantaneous dynamics of over 100W.
The closed-loop design provides excellent power supply noise rejection (PSRR) and lower signal switching rates, improving performance against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
Today’s highest programmable switching rates from 400 kHz to 1.2 MHz allow filter-free operation of the inductors and zero interference for clear audio without distortion.

The specifications of the speakers are very strict, the 25mm dome tweeter is equipped with a woven and treated membrane to ensure clear and detailed treble reproduction. The woofer is a 13cm, its rubber suspension allows excellent control of the displacement of the treated paper diaphragm. The good-sized ferrite is ventilated, it easily absorbs the dynamics of the amplifier for a lively reproduction of music.

We operate in an environment where dematerialized music, stored in various mobile devices (Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other personal music players), takes an increasingly important place in our daily life, its access can be done via Bluetooth aptX (Air 65 Bluetooth version) or in wifi and Bluetooth (Air65 Bluetooth & Wifi version) by adding the WTX-Microstream network dongle.


System : 2 Ways
Drivers : 2 per speaker
Woofer/Med. : 13cm Rubber & paper
Tweeter : 2,5cm dome
Amplifier : 2x55W
Frequency of response: 45Hz-22kHz
DAC Wolfson : 24-bits/192kHz
Bluetooth solution : aptX QCC3008
Dimensions : H28,5 x D22,5 x L17cm (per speaker)
Weight: 4,3 kgs Master speaker, 3,7 Kgs Slave speaker