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The amplifier was designed and developed in France by Advance Paris company.

Its superb presentation is based on a rational and perfect technical accuracy.

Its ultra-rigid châssis, portioned into five compartiments, housing the several printed circuit boards and its high power toroidal transformer, eliminates any risk of interference between the different circuits of the device.

The amplifier X-i1000 is the most powerful and most advanced integrated amplifier of Advance Paris company.

Designing this amplifier, we wanted to achieve high performance levels, worthy of a High-End preamplifier and separate amplifier, while retaining flexibility and ease of use.



The X-i1000 uses the best components of the moment, metal film resistors, polypropylene capacitors...

Combined with bipolar power transistors "High Current", the amplifier X-i1000 gives a high power of 220 W per channel into 8Ohms, and its High Bias function gives the first watts in similar Class A mode. This allow it to supply almost all the loudspeakers in the market.

Switching from High Bias to AB is automatic.

Sophisticated connecting facilities of X-i1000 enable numerous
connections to several analog sources.

The digital inputs are processed by « Burr Brown» 24 bits x 192 kHz converter, that will allow you high musical performance.

Digital files provided by your computer are processed by the famous X-mos Asynchronous USB input, so able to read "Master files".

Dynamic, the X-i1000 is able to reproduce with subtleties and natural all your favorite music.


Specifications :

Power output 8 Ω : 2 X 220 W RMS
Power output 4 Ω : 2 X 400 W RMS
Frequency Response : 10 Hz – 70 kHz
Distortion < 0,025%
S/N ratio ≤ 102 dB
Converter : Burr Brown PCM1796 (24-Bits x 192KHz)
Converter USB B : USB3318 - XMOS 24-Bits-192KHz
Channel separation ≥ 75 dB
Treble : +10/-10dB
Bass : +10/-10dB
Input level amplifier : 1 V
Input level (Cd/Aux) < 500 mV
Phono input level : 7 mV
RCA input impedance: 47 kΩ
XLR input impedance: 47 kΩ
AC power 115V/230 V automatic
Max Consumption < 800 W
Stand By consumption< 0,5 W
Toroïdal transformer
Dimensions : H.21 cm x W.43 cm x D.42,5 cm
Net weight: 21 kg


X-i 1000

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